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Who We Are

Who we Are

We are specialized in manufacturing and marketing potato chips machines for many years, including full-auto & small scale potato chips production lines and potato chips machines. Our potato chips machines have won high reputation for its advanced technology, superior quality, suitable price, and perfect after sale service. We always keep improving and developing our machines and services for your requirements.
What we offer

all over the world

We offer different capacities of chips production lines and potato chips making machines, such as:
Chips production lines
Small scale potato chips production line
Automatic potato chips production line
Small scale frozen French fries production line
Automatic frozen French fries production line
Small scale banana chips production line
Automatic banana chips production line
Potato chips making machines
Emery potato washing and peeling machine
Brush potato washing and peeling machine
Potato cutting Machine
Potato blanching Machine
Chips dewatering Machine
Electric chips frying machine
Potato chips de-oiling machine
Potato chips flavoring machine
Potato chips packing machine
French fries instant freezer
Banana slicing machine
Why choose us


1. We supply standard quality machines
2. Adopt advanced manufacturing technology
3. Abundant industry expertise and experiences
4. Fast delivery speed, high efficiency
5. Excellent customer service
6. Customized chips production line
7. The most preferential prices in potato chips machines industry.

Visit us
You are welcomed to visit us and discuss in details about your requirements. We could show you more information about our machines. Our expert team can provide you the professional technical guide to make the right decision.

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