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Food Machinery Co., Ltd (Once named Food Machine Factory), the China Leading Food Machinery Manufacturer and Exporter, specialized in Meat Processing machines, Fruit machines, Nut Processing machines Potato Chips/Fries Chips line, Garlic line, all kinds of Food machinery and etc. Since 2003, we have years experience in this industry and we do believe that we can offer better design and machines and better serive for every customer.

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Potato Chips Process

01-Potato Pre-Processing
The first stage before processing potato chips is washing, peeling the raw potatoes and then cutting them into slices.
02-Potato Chips Making Process
Next is the processing stage, it includes potato chips blanching, dewatering, frying and de-oiling. After these steps, the potato chips will be easier to store up and taste better.
 03-Potato Chips Flavoring And Packaging
Flavouring and packaging: Flavouring and packaging is the last stage, you can season the potato chips with different flavours, and packaged them into bags automatically.

Know History

The Glance of Potato Chips’ Historical Evolution

As a world food, potatoes are second in human consumption only to rice. And as thin, salted, crisp chips, they are world people’s favorite snack food. Potato chips originated in New England as one man’s variation on the French-fried potato, and their production was the result not of a sudden stroke of culinary invention but of a fit of pique.

1. George Crum invents the Saratoga Chip, a thin French fry in 1853.
In 1853,the George Crum were employed as a chef at the Moon Lake Lodge, the restaurant’s menu was thick-cut french fries prepared by George Crum which was very popular in that time. One dinner at Moon Lake Lodge, a guest found the thick-cut french fries is not suitable for his liking and reject for this dinner order, because the french fries was too thick. So George Crum decided to make too thin and crisp to skewer with a fork so as to rile this guest, but on the opposite result, the guest was so ecstatic to browned, paper-thin potatoes that other guests also order Crum’s thin potato chips, which began to appear on the restaurant’s menu named the Saratoga Chips.George Crum opened his own restaurant with the feature of potato chips in 1860.
2. The popularity of potato chips quickly spread across the country from 1895 to 1926.
At this period, the potato chips as a food in the grocery stores, however the potato chips was peeled and sliced by hand which the potato chips was popular in small region. But it was the 1920 that the mechanical peeler which paved the way for potato chips from a small specialty item to top-selling snack food,from the decades years, the potato chips became the largely dinner dish.
3. Potato chips’ further boost from 1942 to 1962.
When the USA government declare the potato chip was as an essential food in 1942, during the Second War, the all factories remain open. And after War, the potato chip became commonplace service dish,French onion soup mix stirred into sour cream was a perennial favorite. After that, the potato chips were developed into many varieties with different flavoring and ingredients. Which were popularity in people’s dairy life and snack food.
4. Potato chips are the most popular snack at today.
Potato chips are the most popular snack in the quick pace modern life. And the varieties and tastes are become more and more abundant. The more and more people like to eat, and at the same time, the low fat potato chips are the main current market.
From above mentioned description, we can know the basic historical evolution of potato chips and why the potato chips are so popular in our dairy life. Meanwhile, if you want make potato chips business, our company is able to offer your best potato chips solutions.

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    Meat Bowl Cutter Machine/Bowl Chooper

    Bowl chopper is used to cut meat to a fine degree and to blend and mix ingredients into the meat. The meat chopper machine is usually applicable to make stuffing for sausage, bologna, meat ball, ham, hot dog, patty, meat pie, etc. All parts that touch food are made of stainless steel which are in conformity with international hygiene standards.

    meat bow cutter bowl chopper

    Meat Bowl Cutter Features

    1. Equipped with stainless steel cutting blades.
    2. Safety switch for the blades, defending workers from injury.
    3. Rotary cutter is positioned close to the bowl to ensure the finest cutting.
    4. Equipped with an automatic unloading device.
    5. Stainless steel lid.
    6. Simple to operate and easy to clean.

    Meat Chopper Machine Working Process

    Meat bowl cutter comprises of a rotating bowl into which meat, protein and other ingredients are deposited. Ingredients are added into bowl by a multi-bladed revolving knife positioned at the rear of the bowl. The buffalo chopper has a selected range of knife speeds. It is fitted with an uploading scraper which discharges the product into a container via a chute.buffalo chopper operation

    Technical Parameter of Bowl Chopper

    Model ZBJ-40
    Capacity 40 L
    Power 22 kW
    Dimension 2020*1450*1300 mm

    Bowl Chopper Business  Tips

    Bowl chopper is an ideal machine to turn solid food into a paste. Its optimum design helps reduce labor cost, improve production, and expand service time.

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    Water Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine

    Why Water Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine?

    Different from traditional vegetable washing and cleaning machine, the water bubble washing machine adopts UV/O3 water treatment system to disinfect the clean water, kill harmful bacteria and decompose the pesticide residue. Thus the whole process can save much water and make less damage to the vegetables with thin skin.

    bubble washing machine

    Model YQX-650 YQX-850
    Voltage 380V/1.5Kw 380V/2Kw
    Capacity 650Kg/h 850-1000Kg/h
    Weight 350Kg 800Kg
    Dimension 3050*950*1200mm 5000*950*1200mm

    Water Bubble Washing Machine Highlights

    1. Adopts the water bubble principle with a high cleaning ratio
    2. UV/03 compound sterilizing system
    3. Energy and water saving
    4. No damage to vegetables and fruits
    5. Wide application to various foods

    water bubble vegetable washing machine details show

    Bubble Washing Machine Application & Features

    1. Ideal machine for cleaning vegetables and fruits such as mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, strawberry and so on.
    Tips: We can also supply the fruit waxing machine and fruit grading machine, combining with the washing machine as a production line.
    2. Water bubble vegetable washing machine adopts the principle of water bubbles which makes a high cleaning ratio and less damage to vegetables and fruits
    3. Water bubble vegetable washing machine is wholly made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life.
    4. Water bubble vegetable washing machine is easy to operate and energy-saving.

    what food materials can be washed by bubble vegetable cleaning machine